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Vehicle Repair, Auto Maintenance Services in Fort Myers, FL


Whether you need vehicle repair or auto maintenance services, turn to Offerman Automotive, Inc., in Fort Myers, Florida, for honest and professional car care. We're dedicated to making your vehicle last longer and perform better.

To help keep your vehicle running properly, our Fort Myers auto repair shop offers a number of services carried out by certified professionals, including repairs, tire services, preventative maintenance, and inspections.

It gets HOT here in beautiful Southwest Florida!  We are certified and experienced in automotive air conditioning service and repair. 

Turn to us for complete engine light and computer diagnostics to identify problems.

We Provide Repairs On:


Air Conditioning Systems
• Power Windows & Door Locks
• Brakes
• Batteries & Alternators
• Water Pumps
• Belts & Hoses
• Radiators
• CV Axles
• Timing Belts
• Shocks & Struts
• Engines & Transmissions
• Power Steering
• Oxygen Sensors
• Wheel Bearings
• ABS Systems
• Spark Plugs/Wires
• Ignition Systems


Repairing, Vehicle Repair in Fort Meyers, FL

Along with being your source for auto repair, we are also a full-service tire dealer and installer. Our top-of-the-line tire installation and balancing equipment paired with our digital alignment system provide superior ride quality.

Preventative Maintenance & Inspections

Offerman Automotive, Inc. and BG Products teamed up together back in 2009 to provide the most advanced preventative maintenance technology on the market today.  With BG Products on your side, you’ll receive outstanding vehicle protection and peace of mind you’re taking the best possible care of your car!  The following is a short list of BG preventative maintenance services we offer:

Fuel Injection/Air Induction Service

Transmission Fluid Exchange

Brake Fluid Service

Coolant Exchange

Battery Service

Driveline Service

Power Steering Fluid Exchange

A/C Performance Service

Premium Oil Change Packages

Ethanol Protection


 Most Fort Myers auto repair shops simply remove old fluid and replace with new.  With BG Products, we’re able to use the most advanced equipment on the market to truly exchange all fluids after a thorough cleaning, followed by additional additives and conditioners to ensure each system is operating at optimum efficiency.  In doing so, the various components involved in each operating system will be less likely to fail.  In the event a failure occurs, BG will cover it under their BG Protection Plan (limitations apply).  BG Products, Inc. is selective about who performs their services.  BG encourages its representatives to provide vendors like Offerman Automotive with free hands on training, seminars, classes, and interactive websites.

Why choose our services?

When choosing a Fort Myers auto repair shop, we ask you to consider the difference our facility provides its clients.  We will take the necessary steps to ensure your fear of auto repair is diminished.  Let us deal with the headache and guide you through the process.  If your vehicle is in need of a tow, please do not hesitate to call us.  We exclusively use Colonial Wrecker Service for our towing needs.  Should you need a tow after hours, please call Colonial Wrecker, directly at 239-936-4638.  Colonial Wrecker will pick up your vehicle 24 hours per day/7 days per week.  They will bring it to our shop and place the keys in our secure night drop.  We will contact you the next morning and go over your vehicle’s symptoms with you, before working on it.

Our Fort Myers repair shop is conveniently located across the street form Simon Edison Mall in Central Ft. Myers.  We work on most Domestic and Imported automobiles.  While our focus is always on preventative maintenance, our shop is well equipped to handle computer diagnostics, computer reflashing, and difficult driveability issues.

We primarily work on the following makes:

Chrysler - Dodge - Jeep -  Ford Lincoln -  Mercury - Mazda - Chevrolet 

GMC - Cadillac - Nissan - Infiniti - Toyota - Lexus - Honda - Acura - Hyundai - Kia - Mercedes - BMW

We also have many clients with other makes and models.  We are capable of repairing and maintaining Volvo, Volkswagen, Subaru, Suzuki, and Mini as well.  Our team of technicians is constantly involved in continuous education programs in-house, at various classes, and via the web.  Our team is just that, a team, because none of us knows as much as all of us!  So, whether you’re looking for an oil change on your BMW or an engine replacement for your F-150, Offerman Automotive is your best choice among Fort Myers auto repair shops!

When you want reliable and honest services, contact our auto repair shop and get the respect you deserve.